The National Decentralised Competition (NDC) is intended to foster competition within the MFNZ membership.

NDC results can be viewed here. Also checkout the SIG pages as you may find competition information or links under each specific SIG page. Note that most of the files on this page are in the PDF format and therefore can be handled automatically by your browser, also some are in Microsoft Excel format. If you don’t have Microsoft Excel there are a couple of options. The first is to download LibreOffice which does a good job of handling Microsoft Office files unless you are into Macros and the like. The second option is an Excel viewer available at the Microsoft Store. If you have a mobile device, check with the appropriate software store (Google or Apple).


For NDC Year 2023


Final Placings for 2021 (MS Excel file)

Note: Overall Placings for the 2021 NDC year will now be established using results up to and including August results. This is to recognise that many since then have not had an opportunity to fly due to Covid restrictions. This is a one off arrangement for our exceptional circumstances this year. Results for those of you who have flown out the year will still be reported and included in the year’s results so you can see how you did comparatively.


5.1 Introduction
(a) The National Decentralised Competition (NDC) is intended to foster club competition during
the year and may be used as a basis for a club’s competitions.
(b) The NDC Calendar will schedule events categorised by Special Interest Group (SIG) in each
calendar month, January through to December. The SIGs are consulted on what events are
(c) The last competition is usually at the end of November each year to allow for collation of the
final results and calculation of all scores before the Nationals.
(d) The competition includes classes that obtain a result by the timing of flights. Classes that
involve the judging of flights or models cannot be competed for on a decentralised basis.

5.2 NDC Rules
(a) All competitions will be flown to the current MFNZ rules.
(b) The MFNZ Recording Officer will publish the calendar of events in the last MFW of the
preceding year and on the MFNZ NDC Web Page.
(c) Results Submission
Competitor’s results must be submitted to MFNZ by the 14 th day of the month after the
month in which an event is scheduled. Results are entered into the MFNZ recording system
using the link on the NDC Page of the MFNZ website.
Loading is normally done by a individuals and their club mates. An Email receipt will be return
emailed to confirm data has been recorded in the system and allow checking of the input. If
errors are noted then imputers must re-enter the corrected data again with the word
“Corrected” in the notes field. If in doubt about an entry or rules, contact the MFNZ
Competitions Manager . Results will be collated and published monthly via a link on the MFNZ
NDC Web Page.
(d) Eligible Flying Days
Flights for the monthly events may be made on any day of the scheduled month. It is expected
that clubs will choose days when most interested members can gather together taking
members availability into account. Those unavailable for the clubs organised day may fly on a
different day of the month to catch up. MZNZ competitions flights are not allowed to be self
timed by the pilot. Once an event is started, contestants fly until completed on the day or until
they can’t fly anymore. This determines final scores for that event. The event may be paused
on the day but can’t be cancelled or carried over and completed on another day. Where the
event is a club, or centralised event like a Nationals or a Regional Contest , the contest director
may declare the event an official NDC event as well. The same results achieved can then be
recorded for both contests.

5.3 NDC Results
(a) Scoring. Each individual event will be scored using the values in the following table.
Totals for individuals and clubs will be used to decide placing for the year.

Section 1: General Competition Rules July 2023 Rev 2.0 Page 14 of 27
# of Fliers Place
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
1 Flier 2pts
2 Fliers 3pts 2pts
3 Fliers 4pts 3pts 2pts
4 Fliers 5pts 4pts 3pts 2pts
5 Fliers 6pts 5pts 4pts 3pts 2pts
6 Fliers 7pts 6pts 5pts 4pts 3pts 2pts
7 Fliers 8pts 7pts 6pts 5pts 4pts 3pts 2pts
8 Fliers 9pts 8pts 7pts 6pts 5pts 4pts 3pts 2pts
9 Fliers 10pts 9pts 8pts 7pts 6pts 5pts 4pts 3pts 2pts
10 Fliers 12pts 10pts 9pts 8pts 7pts 6pts 5pts 4pts 3pts 2pts

(b) Publication of Results. Results will be published progressively in NZ Model Fliers World during
the year. Full results will be available on the MFNZ NDC Web page via a link in January for the
previous years NDC contest. Results will be by individual and club as well as Overall and by SIG.
(c) Indoor Events. The ceiling height of the venue is to be submitted with results of Indoor events.