Which Aircraft need to be certified?

  • Category 1: All unmanned aircraft (RC model aircraft) that weigh 15 – 25kg (including fuel)

  • Category 2: All unmanned aircraft (RC model aircraft) that weigh 25 – 150kg (including fuel) Category 2 is broken down into 2A and 2B

    • 2A applies between 25 and 76kg
    • 2B applies between 76 and 150kg
  • Category 3: All unmanned aircraft (RC model aircraft) that weigh less than 15kg, but are powered by

    • Internal combustion engine that exceeds 86cc
    • Turbines greater than 140N thrust
    • Turboprops with a rated output greater than 6kW
    • Electric motors with greater than a sustained input of 5kW

How do I get certified?

  • Step One: Read the LM Code of Practice – this document contains all the information you need to know.

  • Step Two: Fill out Form A – Registration, this process applies to both scratch built and ARTF models.
  • Step Three: Once the form has been received, an inspector will be assigned to your project. The Large Model Controller will then contact you with your project registration number and advise on things you need t o know that will assist you completing your project.

Next steps?

Once your inspector completes and signs your Form B, Cat 1 & 3 pilots can commence test flying and a Certificate of Design and Construction will be issued.

Note both Cat 2A & 2B require a Flight Authorisation issued by the LMC (large model controller) prior to ANY test flights!

Depending on which category your project falls into will determine the flight test requirements

  • Cat 1 & 3 require 5 flights
  • Cat 2A requires 1 hour 
  • Cat 2B a total of 1.5 hours

Once the test flights are successfully completed and lodged on Form C the Permit To Fly is issued and you are MFNZ certified to fly your aircraft at events, club meetings and the likes.

All Cat 1, 2A, 2B & 3 aircraft must comply with the MFNZ Large Model Code of Practice (LMCOP)


Large Model Code of Practice

  • Rene Redmond – Large Model Controller

  • lmc@mfnz.org